by Bartels Doors

Bartels Doors and Hardware is proud to introduce 2 manufacturers for concealed hinge applications. PIVOTA®¹ hinge by BaSys and the TECTUS®² hinge by Simonswerk, proudly designed, engineered, and manufactured in Germany.*

“Combined there are more than 20 different hinge options-- It is certain that Bartels Doors has an invisible hinge for you.”

  • Higher load bearing capacity per 2 hinges than the leading competitor
  • Designed, engineered and manufactured in Germany stocked in the USA
  • 3-dimensional adjustability, before during and after installation
    (up/down, left/right, in/out)
  • E and UL Listed - suitable for residential and commercial use

We asked our customers why they chose PIVOTA®¹ or TECTUS®²

“I think the biggest advantage to using PIVOTA®¹ or TECTUS®² concealed hinges over the leading competitor is the 3-dimensional adjustability, before during and after installation (up/down, left/right, in/out).”

D. Jordan (Contractor)

“Every door reveal is always perfect. Let’s face it: not every opening is created equal; adjustability through the hinge is greatly appreciated by the person specifying, the installer, and of course, the end user who ultimately wants the perfect final installation.”

L. Loy (Sales)

“The most notable advantage is the weight carrying capacity. A pair of hinges can accommodate up to 661 LBS! The savings realized by using 2 PIVOTA®¹ hinges instead of 4 SOSS is tremendous and it outweighs the initial hinge purchase price by far.”

A. Cantwell (Craftsman)

“PIVOTA®¹ or TECTUS®² hinges have been engineered not only to function perfectly but also to be beautiful, the finish makes you not want to conceal them! What a piece of Art”

S. Barger (Homeowner)

“Safety alone is a selling feature to concealed hinges but when those hinges can function the way the PIVOTA®¹ or TECTUS ®² do why would you ever specify anything else?”

H. Angel (Architect)




Kulm Hotel; St. Mortiz, Switzerland


Eurodisney Paris; France


Sheridan Hotel; Ankara, Turkey


Deutsche Bank; Frankfurt, Germany


Burj Kalifa; United Arab Emirates, Dubai

¹ PIVOTA is a registered trademark of Bartels Systembeschläge GmbH
² TECTUS is a registered trademark of Simonswerk GmbH

*Bartels USA is a direct importer of fine architectural hardware made in Germany;
and is not in any way affiliated with Simonswerk GmbH or Simonswerk North America.


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